Preliminary Interview with Anti-G8 Japanese Infotour

This is a preliminary interview with the Japanese radicals on the 2008 anti-G8 infotour. It hopes to elucidate why they are coming to Edinburgh and the relationship between the 2005 in Scotland and 2008 G8 protest in Japan.

Info-tour visits Edinburgh 25th Feb

An interview with Plane Stupid on the nature and future of the influential anti-aviation group

Plane Stupid is a well-known and very successful anti-aviation campaigning organisation which regularly catches headlines, and promotes direct action targeting the fastest growing cause of climate change: aviation. The group came together in 2005, when a group of activists disrupted an international aviation conference using rape alarms attached to helium balloons during the key note speech. A group has formed in Scotland, which in January breached the security of Edinburgh airport and blockaded a private jet company that fuels the conspicuous consumption of the very rich. The following is an interview conducted via email with Robbie Gillett, one of the founding members of Plane Stupid.

Hands Off Our Hospitals

The Lanarkshire Health United protest was the second protest of the day which aimed to highlight the scale of public anger over NHS Lanarkshire’s plans to close either Hairmyers or Monklands A&E units, with Monklands being the “Clear preferred option�. A public consultation on the proposal to close one of Lanarkshire’s Accidents & Emergencies Units- which began in late January and is expected to end on the 28th April; cited that problems with lack of consultants and the need to bring working hours into line with European legislation are among the reasons given for the need to reduce the number of A&E’s in Lanarkshire.

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