Is Canada Guilty of War Crimes?


Zapatista Solidarity Calendar published

Unfit for 2014: Campaign to get ATOS scrapped as Commonwealth Games Sponsor

Defending the right to act against ATOS: Crown case collapses but fight goes on...

Glasgow Defence Campaign

One in four still blame rape victims — survey [TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE]

NEARLY one in four young men in Scotland still blame rape victims for drinking or dressing “provocatively”, alarming new research has found.


The figure comes from a snapshot survey by men’s pressure group White Ribbon Scotland, who polled nearly 2000 men from across the country on their attitudes to violence against women.

Argentina_Quilmes: Call for International Solidarity Across Borders

Action Report: Rebel Clowns Target Fracking in Scotland

At 8.30am yesterday morning, anti-fracking activists gathered for a clowning action at the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Affairs (DPEA) in Falkirk. Dressed in colourful clown costumes a group of 17 activists mocked the dangers of fracking with ridiculous play. Clowns burst in to the car park with music, banners and a fracking tower as bemused workers looked on.

Demonstrators besiege Leith Job Centre – police manhandle protestors out of building

 Demonstrators besieged Leith Job Centre in Edinburgh on 11th July to oppose the 30% sanctions target set by a  new manager there.  Police manhandled protestors who entered the building and announced that the Public  Order Act was in force.  Part of the Boycott Workfare Week of Action Against Workfare, the demo denounced all work-for-your-benefits schemes, and proclaimed opposition to the whole austerity programme.

Anti bedroom tax groups demand justice for Margaret

Edinburgh Council tenant Margaret has been denied an exemption for bedroom tax by City of Edinburgh Council despite being clearly entitled - she has overnight carers stay every night.  She wrote to the CEC as early as February applying for an exemption.  Instead of granting the exemption the Council have been phoning her up threatening she could be evicted if she didn't pay her rent.&

Cautious welcome for new Scottish investigation into rendition

SACC gives a cautious welcome to Scottish investigation into rendition
"The Crown Office appears to have been misinformed" says SACC
SACC welcomes the recent announcement that Scottish police are to look into the involvement of Scottish airports in "extraordinary rendition" - the illegal abduction and transfer by US authorities of people wanted for questioning (often involving torture) in connection with terrorism. However, we are very concerned that the police may be inclined to dismiss the evidence without any serious effort to bring criminal charges, as they have done on several occasions in the past.