2013 Video activist training from Camcorder Guerrillas


Camcorder Guerrillas Activist Video Training 2013

Are you involved in a grassroots or community struggle?

Learn how to make short online films to boost your campaign.

Apply for a place NOW Deadline 1 July 2013

A new series of video training workshops for activists will take place in CCA over the summer. Workshops are themed around the following issues

Council ride over cyclists objections on Princes St

A new trial layout for traffic on Princes Street is set to make travel harder / more dangerous for cyclists. Message from Spokes below.

No taxi for Nigel

Sometimes, living in Edinburgh, you kind of get used to living in the glow of history. Famous residents from Hume to Donnchadh Bàn. Superb architecture. A history of multiculturalism stretching back 2000 years and more - of Picts, Britons, Gaels, Angles, French, Italians, Flemish, Poles and many more.

Photo from the Anti-Workfare Walk Of Shame Glasgow Monday May 6th

The British Heart Foundation Uses Forced Unpaid Labour.

Why You Should Join An Anarcho-syndicalist Union

Talk by 2 members of the FAU, the sister organisation of the Solidarity Federation in Germany, in English, about why you should join an anarcho-syndicalist union. It includes first hand experience from a FAU member of two small, but successful teachers' struggles using direct action tactics:

Scottish Coal ask courts to allow them to walk away from opencast sites as Hargreaves directors set up Restoration Trust on Energy Minister's behalf

Sex workers in stand-off with Scots trade unions


Boycott Workfare Glasgow 23rd March Photos

Anti-bedroom tax meeting in Irvine

The Scottish Socialist Party held another successful meeting last night at the Fullarton Community Centre in Irvine, where the focus was on the “bedroom tax”. The welfare reform issue that has been gathering momentum across the UK attracted considerable local interest from activists and infuriated members of the public alike.

Boycott Workfare @ Poundland Glasgow Saturday 23rd March 11am