Venezuela: Anarchists and October 7, 2012

* As the electoral ritual granting legitimacy to the occupant of the presidential seat approaches, we want to affirm to the country’s public opinion what the anarchists’ position has been regarding the electoral carnival as instrument for control and submission of the collective. What follows is the El Libertario #67 Editorial, where we clearly state our position.


stop the fash


The Unlawful Detention of John Bowden


Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees Demo 13th Sept 2012

Charity begins refugee evictions in Glasgow

Y-People: Locks changed despite promises from Chief Executive.

BHF charity shop in Leith closed by anti workfare protest

Anti workfare demonstrators in Edinburgh shut down the British Heart Foundation furniture store at the Kirkgate shopping centre for over two hours on Saturday 8 September. The Leith store closed its doors as demonstrators arrived before noon, and didn't attempt to reopen till after 2pm.

Faslane Peace Camp interrupt Nuclear "Defence" Seminar

The “Introduction to Nuclear Defence” seminar, held in Beardmore Hotel Clydebank on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th of September, invited “young delegates” for two days of seminars and presentations on nuclear defence topics from “leading industry figures”.

A honest letter from the MoD and Faslane exercises in futility

Uncharacteristically honest Ministry of Defence letters winged their way to the thousands of residents next to the Faslane Naval Base this week to accompany their Emergency Response Excercise to an unrealistically optimistic nuclear accident.

'Welfare Reform will take us back to the Poor Law'


Tenancy fees defeated – EPTAG declares victory!

Anti-fascists confront BNP in Buchanan St Glasgow 28th July 2012

The far-right British National Party planned a large racist demonstration in Glasgow for 28th July 2012 but the police cancelled permission.