Take Back the Land: Action Round-Up

A week ago today the last of the camp was taken down and participants at Take Back the Land! were saying goodbye for now to our site on the edge of 350ha of bog and wet heath moorland – the proposed new Glentaggart East site. The camp was occupied on the evening of the 10th July and set up on the symbolic site of Scottish Coal’s new mine in the Douglas Valley, a beautiful part of the Southern Uplands.

The Plight of Edinburgh City Refuse Collectors

A worker in the Council Refuse Collection department writes:

Letting agency fails to silence fees protest

More than 20 tenants picketed the DJ Alexander letting agency on Dundas Street today, as a protest against the charging of illegal fees. In a comical move, the agency hired workers to grind paving slabs and pressure hose pavements in a failed attempt to disrupt the protest.

Edinburgh Council hypocrisy – vote against privatisation being ignored

Edinburgh Council refuse workers are angry that Blue Arrow private contractors have been brought in to do their work.  Only months ago the full Council voted against the privatisation of refuse collection, street cleaning and related services.  But now Director of Services for Communities Mark Turley is disregarding the Council vote and bringing in private firms.

Tomlinson's killer... excessive farce

Sylvia Major Slip of the Tongue

Sylvia Major Slip of the Tongue

Exposure of Herald article



Aristocrat landlord’s garden opencasted!

Earlier today activists from Take Back the Land! visited Lord Home’s mansion in the Douglas Valley and opencasted his garden, hoping to bring the issues closer to home for him.

NO TO WORKFARE - Protestors picket Primark in Edinburgh

Anti workfare protestors descended on Primark in Edinburgh's city centre on Saturday 14 July.  The Princes Street store was picketed by protestors declaring their opposition to the government's work-for-your-benefits schemes.

Broken Cross Open Cast Site blockaded – police act as Scottish Coal private security

This morning Broken Cross opencast site in the Douglas Valley was blockaded for an hour and a half before Scottish Coal workers lifted three people in heavy concrete lock-ons out of the road, all overseen by Inspector Whip (photographed) of Strathclyde Police.

Mainshill Open Cast Coal Site shut down for the day!

At 10:00 this morning a group of 45 activists invaded Scottish Coal’s Mainshill Open Cast Coal Site near Douglas, South Lanarkshire, and are currently occupying machinery and preventing coaling operations on the site.