Events from now until mid-February

Hi folks, Things are busy once more for the AFed crew so this update has all the events we have been told about into mid-February.

Activist accosted by Counter Terror police

Reblogged from Netpol:[youtube=] An activist has described how officers from Scotland Yard's Counter Terror Command accosted her while she waited at the bus stop.

TOMORROW: Coach to Barton Moss

There’s a coach leaving Scotland to tomorrow’s anti-frack demo at Barton Moss, Manchester. It’s calling at Falkirk, just outside Glasgow, Gretna and Cumbria. It isn’t full yet and would be great if it was.

Suffragette City

Westendreport has an interesting look at the Glasgow Botanics Bomb, described as “a dastardly attempt [...] to blow up the Kibble Palace in the Botanic Gardens by means of bombs” planted by members of the woman’s suffrage movement after enjoying some … Continue reading &#859

The Big Meet-up!

Glasgow Solidarity Network would like to invite everybody to come along to an open meeting on Monday, 10th of February, 7pm at the Centre for Contemporary Arts’ Electron Club.

Born in Flames

Opening exactly ten years after a US democratic socialist revolution we are presented with a world where working people, especially working class black and latina women, find the liberation they have been presented with a sham.

The Battle for Burgos

Via LibCom: “There has been rioting all week in Burgos, Northern Spain over plans to redevelop a street at cost of €8m with the unrest even spreading across the country to the capital Madrid.” With youth unemployment over 50%, 1 … Continue reading

Glasgow Solidarity Network wins case against letting agency

Just a brief update on the Network’s latest campaign against a Glasgow letting agency.


Reblogged from Glasgow Solidarity Network: 1-2-Let have been just been in touch with Vivien and Hartwig to say that the cheque is in the post! We'll give it a week to see if it comes in before advising any further.


Really important information from the Anti-Raids Network in London

If the Home Office come to your home or work: