The class struggle continues

I spotted the quote below in the comments section of this article on LibCom and thought it was apt to repost in the wake of Nelson Mandela’s passing:  ”In 1993 uTata Nelson Mandela said that “If the ANC does to you … Continue reading

Stuff Happening this week (online and on the street)

So, as we hit the last month of the year, there is still plenty of interesting and important things happening in Glasgow.

29 million?

Never mind that the combined populations of Romania and Bulgaria do not even come to 29 million.

Police Spies Out of Lives

Via Police Spies Out of Lives: In December 2011 eight women launched legal action against the Metropolitan Police for the harm caused by undercover officers deceiving them into long term intimate relationships.

Edinburgh students stage sit-in in support of striking staff

Reblogged from Edinburgh University Anti-Cuts Coalition: Around 40 students at the University of Edinburgh have stormed the office of the University’s finance director in support of striking staff, and are currently holding a sit-in protest.

Isa Muazu Back in Britain!

I’ll admit I’m amazed to be writing this at all; Isa Muazu has been returned to Britain! Full story in the Guardian. The fight is back on!

Glasgow helicopter disaster info line

FYI: An emergency number for those worried about friends and relatives relating to Glasgow helicopter disaster has been set up 0800 092 0410 Our thoughts go out to everyone effected by this disaster.

Aziz and Gemma need help urgently

Inhumane Government and Charter Firm Deport Isa

It is with regret that I’m posting to say that Isa Muazu has been deported by the Home Office in spite of the critical condition of his heath. This post on Scriptonite Daily covers the details.

Isa Muazu, hunger striker, forcibly removed from the UK

It has just been confirmed that Isa Muazu has been removed from the UK by the Home Office.