Meeting to plan protest at the Edinburgh Tory Conference

11am Saturday 1st March 2014                                                                                             Augustine Church, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh.                                                                                                                                          In March the Scottish Conservative Party will hold their annual conference at the Edinburgh Int


The DWP have apologised and admitted they were wrong to call the police to eject an Edinburgh Claimants representative from the High Riggs Job Centre at Tollcross, Edinburgh. This re-affirms that claimants always have the right to be accompanied by … Continue reading

It’s time to care, says UNISON as survey reveals Scotland’s care crisis

A survey of Scottish homecare workers has exposed the shocking reality of the country’s care services. The majority of workers polled in the UNISON survey believe the service is not sufficient to meet the needs of the elderly and vulnerable … Continue reading

Solidarity Federation Workplace Organiser Training

There will be a Solidarity Federation Workplace Organiser Training Day on Saturday, 22nd March in Edinburgh, it’s open to all workers, apart from managers, you do not have to be a SolFed member or an anarcho-syndicalist to attend. If you would like to attend, please email training[AT]solfed.org.uk The Solidarity Federation workplace organiser training programme is […]

Tenants win back pre-2012 letting agency fees!

Tenants in Aberdeen have successfully won a small claims action for a refund of letting agency fees charged before the Scottish Government issued a clarification of the law against such fees in 2012.  This decision is a very positive sign, and is likely to empower more tenants to take their letting agencies to court.

Bedroom Tax Mitigation in Scotland

The Scottish Government has agreed to fully mitigate the impact of the bedroom tax in Scotland but what does that really mean to a tenant and what should they do? Click here to find out.

Talk: Sex Work and Organisation

This month, as the first of a series of public talks we’ll be holding once a month this year, Edinburgh Anarchist Federation invite you all to a discussion of the situation of sex work in Scotland today, workplace organising and police raids. We’ll be hosting hopefully a number of current sex workers who are part […]

Scottish Victory Against the Bedroom Tax

The Scottish Anti Bedroom Tax Federation decided to have our National Committee on Sunday 9th February in the Glasgow Unison Offices. After the great news from Wednesday’s budget that the bedroom tax in Scotland is to be fully mitigated, Anti … Continue reading

2 prisoner updates and a film screening on Sunday

Mixed bag. First, this film being shown for free at the Banshee Labyrinth on Sunday night sounds amazing: Bruno Davert, an engineer worker in the papermaking industry, is a victim of the relocation of his company. He has been on the dole for almost two years, alternating between moments of self-awareness and depression, and confronting the humiliation […]

Solidarity with Zapatistas under attack

Pronouncement from the UK Zapatista Solidarity Network concerning the recent attacks on Zapatista support bases and hospital staff

To the Zapatista Support bases
To the Good Government Juntas
To the EZLN
To the adherents to the Sexta