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Environmental Activists killed by Mining Companies in Latin America

  On 26th December, Dora Alicia Recinos Sorto became the third victim of a wave of violence against environmental campaigners in the Cabañas Region of El Salvador, where community members are protesting against the re-opening of a Gold Mine by Canadian Company Pacific Rim.

NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Edinburgh disrupted

Six members from Trident Ploughshares have been arrested following the disruption of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly on its final day in Edinburgh. The NATO event was opposed from the start with a protest [ report | pictures ] organised by the NATO Welcoming Committee on Friday, a demonstration by the StW Coalition on Saturday [ report ], a picket of the NATO party and a rally against the lecture of NATO's general secretary at Edinburgh University.

EEN: Six arrested at NATO protest


Six arrested at NATO conference in Edinburgh


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Anti Nato protesters pictured outside the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on Friday
Published Date: 17 November 2009
SIX people were arrested trying to gain access to the final day of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.
The intruders were spotted walking through the front door of the Edinburgh International Conference Centre at around 8.30am this morning.

They were arrested for attempting to gain illegal entry to a secured building without an accredited pass.

A police spokesman said: "Lothian and Borders Police can confirm that six people were arrested when they attempted to disrupt the NATO Parliamentary Assembly at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

"Officers from Lothian and Borders Police were in attendance and quickly dealt with the situation, which did not impact on the assembly."

A number of other protesters were also dispersed after they were caught trying to chain themselves to the railings outside the building.

Foreign Secretary David Milliband and the Secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen were due to speak following a minute's silence.

The protesters from Trident Ploughshares wore shirts emblazoned with the images of wounded and traumatised Afghan children, and recited the names of Afghan civilians who have died since the war began.

Police were seen filming the protestors as they carried out their direct action.

There have been several protests during the five days of the assembly, including a clash between police and a small group of "anti-militarist" protestors on Friday, and a rally of around 5,000 people led by Stop The War and the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament on Saturday.

Pics of NATO lecture protest

A small protest against NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen's lecture titled “The Future of Peace Support Operations”, happened onTuesday 17^th November at the Old College. The about twenty protesters were fenced in by the police on the pavement outside the University of Edinburgh building.

Resistance prevents fascists from marching in Glasgow

 About 1500 protesters marched under the banner of "Scotland United" through Glasgow city centre whilst antifascists gathered around the pub on Cambridge Street where police contained about a hundred SDL supporters at their meeting point.

[ Brief report | pics 1, 2 | af statement | open letter 1, | legal support ]

Protest against the privatisation of Edinburgh's social care

 About 150 people, service users and carers, protested today noisily in front of Edinburgh City Chambers against the privatisation of the care and support services.  The final decision on the competitive tendering processes is planned to be made on 19th of November.  The protesters from SWAN, the Learning Disability Alliance and Save our Homecare Services called to stop the selling off of this vital service to private companies.

Protest against Edinburgh City Council's funding cuts

About seventy people attended the Edinburgh City Council meeting on Thursday 18th Dec 2008 in protest of the  unfair distribution of the ”Fairer Scotland Fund", which would hit Edinburgh's most deprived area hardest, relative to previous regeneration funding. 

Action Update Climate Camp - Ticker for Saturday, 9.8.2008

 Mass Direct Action Day:


blue group: water
green group: various  actions on land
orange: children
silver: airborne

9am BST: 

  • green block : around100 people have just left site, moving in a direction away from the powerstation, spotted by 1 copper,  it's a sunny morning with a good atmosphere
  • orange block: a giant dragon was made for the kids march later today is now being paraded around the site
  • a few helicopters around
  • blue block: one of the rafts of the Regetta has been launched into the water and is on its way
  • green block: now escorted by police
  • blue block: rebel rafts have hit the water - all at the same time
  • orange block: has gathered at the main gate, 400+ people,  kids, cyclists, with penguins at rear, large banner at the front reads: "Burning Our Future - No New Coal"

9.15 BST:

  • blue group update:  The majority of members in one of the two teams,  Ikea,  has been stopped by police and pulled over to the side of the river, Treasure Island group still going.
  • orange group: the kids march is now leaving camp from main gate with big multicoloured dragon with penguin - the media is in attendence but all encircled by cops

 9:30 BST:

  • kids march: is being held up in the lane outside the main gate, police were told it will start at 10am and it's not 10 yet - maybe police isn't ready or does silly muscle flexing - so it is estimated that it will be 10am until police will let them move
  • green group: a bunch of cyclists got to the gates of eon but there is a line of riot cops there

9:45 BST:

  • unconfirmed report of a picnic by bike group at the side of fence


Action Updates and Timeline of Events continued under:


New libel threat against Uzbekistan solidarity

Craig Murray, former ambassador to Uzbekistan, is threatened again with libel action to prevent the publication of his new book.
In this book, Murray plans to expose the methods of mercenary commander Tim Spicer, one of those who has made a fortune with supplying his private, unaccountable army, to Iraq. [Fuck the War action]


Anti-military actions in Germany

Left-wing activists in Germany are kept busy protesting against public ceremonies by the German army. As Barack Obama recently demanded more German troops to Afghanistan and more involvement in fighting in the Southern provinces, public resistance to the militarisation of society is vital.Protests happenend so far in Berlin, Nuremberg, Magdeburg and Cologne.


Unfortunately the ceremonies could not be prevented, but a little bit disturbed with the help of Christians, the clown army, pacifists and the organised autonomy.