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The Burgh Angel, is a community newspaper based in the north end of Glasgow, around the Maryhill area, dedicated to producing news and collecting information on topics that are of importance to those in the community not represented by mainline media and newspapers.

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Maryhill Leaders Demand Improvements To Scheme

The Burgh Angel, along with leaders in community based institutions in Maryhill have been concerned about the way that Maryhill Locks developments are to deliver jus

After another fire residents call for new veranda doors

IN THE SAME week that the Wyndford housing scheme saw another fire in one of its 25 storey blocks, local residents started voicing concerns over the safety of the veranda doors which are currently installed.

Leaked document exposes Labour’s sleazy plan to take away homeless rights

A leaked document stamped with the letterhead of the GHA and the Labour run City Council discussing a “Housing Options” pilot project in the North West of Glasgow has scary consequences for the rights of citizens to housing.

Scottish Housing Minister Denies Malpractice Claims

(by getting a civil servant working on planning for the Commonwealth Games to answer for him!)

“Dear Sir or Madam

“Investing” (This is not satire)


“Glasgow’s Canal is a place full of opportunities for investors, as this area of the city is transformed.

Maryhill – A ‘TESCO TOWN?’

Fears are growing that the presence of Tesco in Maryhill in reaching saturation point. It follows the opening of another Tesco Express near the top of Queen Margaret Drive – just minutes from the door of the 24 hour Maryhill superstore that re-opened in late 2010. It also comes after the arrival of another, smaller Tesco Express opposite the Community Central Halls on Maryhill Road.