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Glasgow Anarchists is an umbrella that encompasses the wide and varied anarchist milieu in Glasgow. Glasgow Anarchists are involved in a number of political projects around the city and are active in our communities, our workplaces and our places of education.

The Glasgow group of the Anarchist Federation meets with chumrades weekly.

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Upcoming Events

Hi folks, I’m getting this out today to make sure it goes out in good time.

Talk Cancelled

Hi folks, due to unforeseen circumstances the talk tomorrow night has had to be cancelled. We will reschedule soon. Apologies for the short notice.

Events for the next week and a half

Hey folks, here is a list of some events coming up over the next week and a half. It’s a real mixed bag, so without further ado.

So you care about Sochi? Here's some other shit to care about

Reblogged from Another angry woman: I've been seeing a lot of people concerned about the Sochi Olympics, what with Russia's frankly disgusting attitude towards LGBT rights.

Education as the Practice of Freedom

Wed 19th February 18:45 – 21:00 Fred Paton Centre, 19 Carringdon Street, Glasgow, G4 9AJ. Facebook | Map “There is no such thing as a neutral educational process.

Endless Contempt: our silence is more powerful than their prisons

Reblogged from Cautiously pessimistic: Anarchist prisoner Jerry Koch has been released after spending eight months inside for his refusal to give information to an FBI investigation targeting radicals in New York.