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Glasgow Anarchists is an umbrella that encompasses the wide and varied anarchist milieu in Glasgow. Glasgow Anarchists are involved in a number of political projects around the city and are active in our communities, our workplaces and our places of education.

The Glasgow group of the Anarchist Federation meets with chumrades weekly.

Articles by Glasgow Anarchists

Support for Cliff Colman

Just a quick message in support for Cliff Colman, formerly of Glasgow, in defending himself from accusations of vandalism for the removal of a fascist plaque from a wash-house in his home village of Ouviaño.

Fwd: Stop the mass expulsion of Nigerians

Via Unity – Please forward to your networks: *URGENT ACTION APPEAL.* Stop the mass expulsion of Nigerians *Charter flight to Nigeria: 22.20hrs Tuesday 22nd November 2013* Nigerian man Isa Muazu who recently was on hunger strike for 100 days has been … Continue reading

An infestation of SWP leeches

Reblogged from Revolting Pleb: Poxy SWP placards On the first day (Thursday 5th December) when I turned up for the first of the series of Cops Off Campus protests starting outside of the University of London Union (ULU) on Malet … Continue reading

Know your rights at the jobcentre: saying no to zero-hours contracts

Reblogged from Cautiously pessimistic: While looking for reports of how the recent week of action against workfare had gone, I stumbled across a useful bit of information from the excellent Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty: in response to a Freedom of … Continue

Getting ready for direct action

Reblogged from Glasgow Solidarity Network: If you want more information to take part in direct action on Saturday, 14th of December, get in touch and we'll tell you more.  Sounds intriguing.

Links on a week of campus protests

Inside and against the university (Joseph Kay on LibCom) TOTAL PROTEST (Cops off Campus) Yesterday, Students Were Arrested for Protesting Against the Arrest of Students (Vice) University of strife: John Harris on the latest wave of student protests (Guardian) The … Continue reading &#

The class struggle continues

I spotted the quote below in the comments section of this article on LibCom and thought it was apt to repost in the wake of Nelson Mandela’s passing:  ”In 1993 uTata Nelson Mandela said that “If the ANC does to you … Continue reading

Stuff Happening this week (online and on the street)

So, as we hit the last month of the year, there is still plenty of interesting and important things happening in Glasgow.

29 million?

Never mind that the combined populations of Romania and Bulgaria do not even come to 29 million.