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Bright Green Scotland do news and analysis for the green and progressive movement, and are one of Britain’s leading left wing blogs.

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Extreme Energy Inquiry begins in Scotland

Green Councillor Mark Ruskell with local community representatives and Friends of the Earth members outside the Inchyra Hotel this morning. Photo: Friends of the Earth Scotland.

Young Greens plan week of action against university pay inequality

The Young Greens are planning actions at campuses across the country as part of a national week of action against pay inequality at UK universities.

The speech that Darling never made

Here’s a strange thing. Alistair Darling is quoted in yesterday’s Telegraph as telling Scottish voluntary organisations that they would lose lottery funding if people vote yes in September’s referendum.

UN Charter: “respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples”

Today, the Herald reports threats from the UK cabinet that, if Scotland votes yes in September, Westminster might deny the Scots their right to self determination. In this light, here the first chapter of the UN charter. You can read the whole thing on the UN website.

Natalie Bennett on immigration policy: time for the facts, time for humanity

Whilst the main UK parties struggle to out-do UKIP, Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, gave this speech in defence of migrants and migration two nights ago at Magdalen College, Oxford.

Yes campaign catching up: 13 thoughts

Scotland on Sunday has an ICM poll out on the independence referendum today showing support for the Yes campaign up significantly. John Curtice has seen the tables, and you can see his detailed breakdown here. Below are my immeditate thoughts.

Maggie Chapman welcomes Romanians and Bulgarians

As Romanians and Bulgarians achieved full rights to live and work in the UK last night, Scottish Greens co-convenor Maggie Chapman welcomed them to Scotland.

Cornwall Council’s offensive newsletter: ‘pay your rent before it’s spent’

Something pretty disturbing and offensive came through the door of my parents’ council flat on Christmas eve. It was Cornwall Council’s seemingly innocuous winter housing newsletter to all council tenants in the county. Skimming through the pages I spotted this full-page message (click on it to enlarge):

The UK the most successful political union in the world? don’t be silly

One line you often hear from Better Together activists is that the UK “is the most successful political union in the world.” This sort of rampant British nationalism always annoys me – and it is, in a sense, impossible to argue with. What’s a political union? What is success?