We are a volunteer network of people who support each other and organise to deal with specific housing, job and other problems caused by the greed of the the rich and powerful.

We recognise that housing and employment law protects landlords and bosses more often than tenants and workers, and we take direct action to protect ourselves and to build solidarity.

Articles by Glasgow Solidarity Network

A wee little update on the Glasgow Solidarity Network

As ardent readers of this blog know, Glasgow Solidarity Network had a busy start to 2014. We won a case against a Glasgow letting agency that ripped tenants of by charging illegal “administration fees”. The agency had to pay back just under 190 quid. Following this successful campaign GSN received quite a few calls and emails from people with similar problems.

Big Meet-up, Big Thanks

Just a quick thanks to everyone who turned up to our Big Meet-up tonight. It was a really upbeat meeting and it seemed to mark a positive step for the network, both in terms of getting to know other groups in the city and in terms of hearing new ideas about how we can improve in future fights.

Glasgow Solidarity Network: the Big Meet-up

Only a few days to go until our “Big Meet-Up” on Monday, 10th of Feburary, 7pm, at the Centre for Contemporary Arts’ Electron Club.

The Glasgow Solidarity Network invites everybody to come along to our first big open meeting of the new year. Tea and biscuits provided.

The Big Meet-up!

Glasgow Solidarity Network would like to invite everybody to come along to an open meeting on Monday, 10th of February, 7pm at the Centre for Contemporary Arts’ Electron Club.

Another Rip-off Agency, Another Direct Action!

Saturday the 14th of December.




Surely the perfect day to launch a new campaign with some direct action!

Direct Action in Glasgow: 24 hours to go

Well, this might not strictly be true at the time of posting. Regardless of it being 25 hours and 18 minutes, everybody with an hour to spare on Saturday, 14th of December, at 11am get in touch to support direct action. We’ll give you further details.

Getting ready for direct action

If you want more information to take part in direct action on Saturday, 14th of December, get in touch and we’ll tell you more.