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Faslane Peace Camp is a permanent peace camp sited alongside Faslane Naval base in Argyll and Bute, Scotland.

We are protesting against Trident, the British Nuclear weapons system which consists of 4 nuclear powered submarines, each armed to the teeth with enough explosive plutonium to end the world (all true).

This is the sole reason for our existence and as such, those living here have put our personal lives, for the most part, on hold to live here and campaign.

Articles by Faslane Peace Camp

Peace campers board nuclear submarine at Faslane

Two campaigners from Faslane Peace Camp were arrested on Wednesday morning aboard the Royal Navy submarine HMS Ambush at its berth in Faslane. Security at the site - home to Britain's Trident nuclear weapons and headquarters of the Royal Navy – was again called into question by the protestors' actions. Speaking today following her release from custody, boarding party member Heather Stewart (

Faslane Peace Camp: New Strawbale Visitors Centre & Communal Space

At Faslane Peace Camp, we are starting to build a new visitors’ centre and communal space, and we could use your support.

As you know, the peace camp has recently celebrated its 31st birthday, and with the current dry weather, before the winter comes in, now seems like a good time to start building.


After a recent call out to activists across the country, Faslane Peace Camp hosted a series of meetings/gatherings to see what could be done to save the camp from closing due to low numbers of residents willing to live on the site. Newspapers across the world published articles indicating the camp would likely close, and activist groups across the country publicised our plight.

Worldwide attention!

Our story is in the Los Angeles Times! (you have to flip through the pictures in order to find the lovely photo of Gwily in front of his caravan),