A scottish editorial section of UK IMC  has appeared.

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IMC Scotland Mission Statement

watch this space for responses and updates

An IMC disscussion paper


Camcorder Guerillas’ Weekend 

It looks as if Kinning Park Centre may become a base for IMC Scotland.

You can find out more by looking in archives of imc scotland discussion list.

Wanted: Gaelic Translator

Texts relating to setting up on an Indymedia Scotland

For those that don't know Scotland has 5 Million people living in it and it is one of countries that makes up the United Kingdom. Edinburgh and Glasgow are it's large cities. Other towns are Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling, Perth, Inverness.

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Use of RSS is the way forward for for syncdication to MyIMC web portals where one selects towns/areas and topics to display in personal newswire.


If you are interested in co-ordination and skill / resource sharing amoungest those producing reports of direct action  and putting out information from groups involved in struggle for a better world while participating in them, in Scotland then please join the the radpropalba list. This includes paper, audio, film, stage and web projects. Though this list has yet to take off.